Jan 27, 2011

Dividends for 4Q10 - Part 1

Now that all my stock holdings have had their dividend announcement made in the past few days, I can start to do a rough computation of my latest avereage monthly dividend achievement for the last quarter in Year 2010 :

S$(87 + 121.60  + 103.50 + 142.80 + 104) / quarter
=  S$558.90 / 3 months
=  S$186.30/mth

Although it slightly falls short of my target of S$200/mth, but I am still quite satisfied with this result. I will finalise the figure once the exchange rates for FSL & PST are set.  All in all, it is a rather fruitful year for me and I really look forward to double this amount in Year 2011.  :=)


  1. Hi fren,

    Happy Rabbit Year! I can see that you are making good progress.^^

    Take Care!

  2. Hi D.W., Happy and prosperous Rabbit Year for you! Thanks & take care too. :=)

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