Aug 23, 2012

Dividends for 2Q12

I am getting dividends for the last quarter (2Q12) in this and next month soon. The total dividends I will receive is:

S$(140 + 108 + 193) / quarter
=  S$441 / 3 months
=  S$147/mth

I am researching for new candidates to include in my dividend portfolio and shall update them in my blog later on.

Historical Investment Records

FSL (Shipping Trust) - 10000 shares (10 Lots)
Reason: Divested due to dividend cuts and suspension.

PST (Shipping Trust) - 10000 shares (10 Lots)
Reason: Delisted.

Divested FSL shares

I have been watching in dismay it has cut its dividends next to almost nothing two quarters ago, till in its latest financial announcement in July 2012 about the restriction ("Relaxation Period") on it to pay out any distribution from this quarter until 30 June 2013. I believe as an ordinary unitholder and income investor, such development is very unfortunate and disappointing. Hence, I made a painful decision - sold off my 10 Lots of FSL shares on 22 August 2012.

Lesson learnt here: Trusts such as Shipping Trusts or Business Trusts are, unlike Reits, can cut or suspend their dividends/distribution to nothing anytime, so now I find them very risky to invest in, although they may display attractive/high dividend yield from time to time. I decide I will not touch them from now on.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), partial of the overall dividends I received over the years from my simple diversified portfolio managed to offset the capital loss from the sale of FSL shares.  I will re-deploy the remaining funds from it for other investing opportunities.

Dividends for 1Q12

There was not much changes in my portfolio since 4Q11.

Below was the average monthly dividend achievement record for 1Q12:

S$(12.60 + 151.20 + 107 + 193) / quarter
=  S$463.80 / 3 months
=  S$154.60/mth

Dividends for 4Q11

The drastically reduction in dividends received was because PST had been delisted and no longer contribute to my Dividend Portfolio. Another factor for its drop was because FSL substantially lowered its payout due to worsen business condition.

Below was the average monthly dividend achievement record for 4Q11:

S$(12.55 + 145.60 + 101 + 193) / quarter
=  S$452.15 / 3 months
=  S$150.70/mth

Dividends for 3Q11

I had not kept up the update in my blog I have promised to myself. Nevertheless, I try to pick up where I have missed out during the period.

Below was the average monthly dividend achievement record for 3Q11:

S$(94.10 + 122.50 + 140 + 100 + 192) / quarter
=  S$648.60 / 3 months
=  S$216.20/mth