Jan 26, 2011

AimsAmpsReit Q3FY11 result release

I have a pleasant surprise when I see there is a jump in distribution from its last quarter!! It announced today it is giving out per unit distribution of S$0.0051, roughly a 28% up from last quarter's distribution. I am very glad that I have subscribed to their rights excercise previously.  :=)

Hence, the dividend I shall be receiving from this reit will be :

S$0.0051 x 28000 shares = S$142.80

The payable date will be on 15 Mar 2011.


  1. Why were you surprised? It was the expected pro-forma dividend amount which has been announced in their documents.

  2. Nice blog! You have the same as me. I have AIMS AMP Reit too and looking forward to the dividend, as well as the advanced distribution :)

    My blog is www.ktwealth.blogspot.com

    By the way, you bought a number of Reits and Trusts for dividend. While Reits are useful, but don't you find overweight? How about blue chip companies and telcos?

  3. Hi Mr Ken Tan, thanks for visiting my blog :=)

    I absolutely agree with you on my Reits weightage in my portfolio. As a matter of fact, I am also looking forward to begin and slowly accumulating some Blue Chips as well. Prior to the sell-off recently, especially yesterday, I find the price of these shares are on the high side. Hopefully, I can start to pick up some good blue chip shares from the current downturn.

    Lastly, please allow me to add your blog in mine, thanks. :=)