Jan 26, 2011

PST Q4FY10 result release - Part 1

PST has gone Ex-dividend today.  Its unit distribution remains relatively stable and is giving out US$0.00809 for the last quarter of  the Year 2010 (Q4FY10). As we all know, PST does not have the practice of pre-annoucing the exchange rate, so we will only know the actual rate after receiving our distribution on the pay day itself. As such and again, I am giving an estimation based on USD/SGD exchange rate at 1.28 region. I estimate my earned dividend from PST for this quarter will be as followed :

US$0.00809 x 1.28 x 10000 shares = S$103.50

Date payable is on 28 Feb 2011. Another constant stream of income.   :=)
An update will be done once I receive the distribution.