Jan 27, 2011

Dividends for 4Q10 - Part 1

Now that all my stock holdings have had their dividend announcement made in the past few days, I can start to do a rough computation of my latest avereage monthly dividend achievement for the last quarter in Year 2010 :

S$(87 + 121.60  + 103.50 + 142.80 + 104) / quarter
=  S$558.90 / 3 months
=  S$186.30/mth

Although it slightly falls short of my target of S$200/mth, but I am still quite satisfied with this result. I will finalise the figure once the exchange rates for FSL & PST are set.  All in all, it is a rather fruitful year for me and I really look forward to double this amount in Year 2011.  :=)

Starhill Global Reit - result released

Tired out by work today and came home late.  Finally settled down after I reached home, I am in for another surprise by Starhill Global!! It has also increased its distribution, albeit a slight one, from its last quarter distribution.  The distribution this time round is S$0.0104   :=)

Since I am currently holding 10000 shares (10 Lots), my expected dividend from it will be :

S$0.0104 x 10000 shares = S$104

The payable date will be on 28 Feb 2011.

Jan 26, 2011

AimsAmpsReit Q3FY11 result release

I have a pleasant surprise when I see there is a jump in distribution from its last quarter!! It announced today it is giving out per unit distribution of S$0.0051, roughly a 28% up from last quarter's distribution. I am very glad that I have subscribed to their rights excercise previously.  :=)

Hence, the dividend I shall be receiving from this reit will be :

S$0.0051 x 28000 shares = S$142.80

The payable date will be on 15 Mar 2011.

PST Q4FY10 result release - Part 1

PST has gone Ex-dividend today.  Its unit distribution remains relatively stable and is giving out US$0.00809 for the last quarter of  the Year 2010 (Q4FY10). As we all know, PST does not have the practice of pre-annoucing the exchange rate, so we will only know the actual rate after receiving our distribution on the pay day itself. As such and again, I am giving an estimation based on USD/SGD exchange rate at 1.28 region. I estimate my earned dividend from PST for this quarter will be as followed :

US$0.00809 x 1.28 x 10000 shares = S$103.50

Date payable is on 28 Feb 2011. Another constant stream of income.   :=)
An update will be done once I receive the distribution.

Jan 24, 2011

FSL Q4FY10 result release - Part 1

There is no change in the distribution amount from last quarter, and it stands at US$0.0095. Because the exchange rate is not confirmed, I will not be able to accurately compute the actual figure. However, my rough estimation for the exchange rate is to be around 1.28 region. Hence, my estimation for this quarter's dividend is as followed :

US$0.0095 x 1.28 x 10000 shares = S$121.60

Date payable is on 25 Feb 2011.
I feel great to be receiving this constant stream of income so far !!  :=)

First Reit Q4FY10 result

The declared distribution for First Reit is S$0.0087 per unit.  Since I hold a total of 10000 shares (10 Lots), this quarter's dividend I shall receive is as followed :

S$0.0087 x 10000 shares = S$87

Date payable is on 28 Feb 2011.
It is not spectacular, but I am happy to receive it !!  :=)

Jan 15, 2011

Jan 11, 2011

New Year, New Start

uhmm ... I have not been updating my blog recently, because there aren't much things to update. Perphaps that is the boring element in investing.

A review of this year's investment plan, I have mentioned that I will begin to buy some blue chip stocks slowly, and I mean really slowly, little by little. The reason being, I am parting some of my funds to invest in myself for continuing education. I believe that is very important too, because with better education, I should be able to command a higher paycheck, and be able to invest more in Singapore Stock Market, and the cycle repeats itself.

Nonetheless, I will still keep a lookout for good buys and update my purchase in my blog regularly.  :=)