May 7, 2011

Dividends for 1Q11

With all the dividend announcements have been made, I did a calculation for my latest average monthly dividend achievement for this quarter:

S$(99.50 + 116.85 + 107 + 158 + 71.40) / quarter
=  S$552.75 / 3 months
=  S$184/mth

Although it is about S$2 less than the previous Average Monthly Dividend Achievement (AMDA), I consider my stock portfolio is pretty stable in delivering constant monthly income for me. I think in order to grow and bring my AMDA to next higher level, I will need to re-deploy my two-quarter dividends with new purchases (I have not been buying any stock in the last two quarters). I will update my blog when such opportunity comes.  :=)

PST Q1FY11 result release

Like FSL, its latest quarter DPU has maintained and stands at US$0.00809. With my rough estimation on USD/SGD exchange rate as at 1.23, the dividend to be received will be:

US$0.00809 x 1.23 x 10000 shares = S$99.50

Date payable is on 30 May 2011.

FSL Q1FY11 result release

Again, FSL maintains its DPU as at US$0.0095.  However, from the announcement I read, the quarter posted a net loss of US$2 mil in Q1FY11 compared to US$0.7 mil net gain in Q1FY10. Unless things turnaround, I suppose they will not be able to maintain the same DPU level in the next few distributions. Hopefully I am wrong and wishing them the best. Anyway, the dividend I shall receive will be (with rough estimation of USD/SGD exchange conversion rate at 1.23):

US$0.0095 x 1.23 x 10000 shares = S$116.85

Date payable is on 27 May 2011.

Starhill Global Reit - result released

The DPU for the quarter has increased slightly from S$0.0104 to S$0.0107. This is the third time I receive my dividend from this reit and its DPU has been steadily increasing from the day I bought it.

For this quarter, the total dividend from this reit I shall receive will be:

S$0.0107 x 10000 shares = S$107

Payable date shall be on 31 May 2011.

First Reit Q1FY11 result

The declared distribution for First Reit is S$0.0158 per unit.  Since I hold a total of 10000 shares (10 Lots), this quarter's dividend I shall receive is as followed:

S$0.0158 x 10000 shares = S$158

Date payable is on 30 May 2011.

AimsAmpsReit Q4FY11 result release

AimsAmpsReit had had an advanced distribution for Q4FY11 as at 31st Mar 2011. The reason for doing this is because it is for the fairness for the currect unit holders who will be affected by a private placement in the last quarter.

Moving forward, I intend to ignore this advanced distribution in my calculation for my average monthly dividend income for 1Q11 dividend achievement. The main reason for this decision is because subsequent distribution by this reit will be based on the new total number of units issued after the private placement.

In this new quarter, the distribution is S$0.00255. With 28000 shares (28 lots) on hand, the total dividend I shall receive from this reit will be:

28000 units x S$0.00255 = S$71.40

The payable date will be on 8 June 2011.

Dividends for 4Q10 - Part 2 (Final)

This is a review for the finalised dividends received with more accurate figures for FSL & PST. For:

FSL, I received a total dividend of S$121.33, and
PST, I received a total dividend of S$103.29

Hence, the monthly dividend achievement for the last quarter in Year 2010:

S$(87 + 121.33  + 103.29 + 142.80 + 104) / quarter
=  S$558.42 / 3 months
=  S$186.14/mth