Feb 15, 2011

AimsAmpReit - Advanced Distribution for Q4FY11

Due to the private placement, AimsAmpReit has decided to give out Advanced Distribution to the current unit holders before new units issuance on 31st March 2011. According to their announcement in SGX, the amout of distribution this time round is $0.00285. With that, the dividend income I will be receiving for the quarter will be:

28000 units x S$0.00285 = S$79.80

Payable date shall be on 28 Mar 2011.
I am considering whether to increase my stake in this reit after the dilution.


  1. Am also thinking whether to increase my stake in AIMS AMP. For me, I will monitor their DPU for next quarterly payout.

    Thanks for adding my blog. Have also added you in.