Aug 2, 2011

Dividends for 2Q11

My latest average monthly dividend achievement for this quarter:

S$(104 + 148.40 + 158 + 97.90 + 114.80) / quarter
=  S$623.10 / 3 months
=  S$207.70/mth

I will say AimAmpReit is the biggest contributor in the increase for my Average Monthly Dividend Achievement (AMDA) and hope it will continue to do so, even though its share price is not going anywhere.  =P


  1. Hi,

    I recently entered AIMs too. 25 lots.

    Looking forward to ur 3Q11 dividends update. ^^

  2. Hi D.W.,

    That is great! I've been busy adjusting myself in my new job. I will do so soon. Glad & good to have you to ride the dividend journey together. Cheers!! :=)

  3. We're waiting for the next installment, Neat Feet

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