Aug 2, 2011

FSL Q2FY11 result release

I have been very busy and tired after work in recent months,  hence, there was not much update in my blog. I do, however, read the blogs of other Singapore dividend-income investors, and I am glad to see they are doing very well. Three cheers for them.

Alright, coming back to FSL.

In the latest announcement on 20 July 11, after the stub distribution, the Trust announced that they are distributing US$0.0008, Together with the stub distribution, the total distribution for Q2FY11 will maintain at US$0.0095.

I also read that they are now in discussion with leading banks on re-financing and to extend their entire near-term loans (which will expire in Apr 2012) to year 2016 and beyond.  I wish them and myself good luck for this discussion and that the banks agree on the extended loan tenure requests.

Anyway, the dividends that I will be receiving based on the above are:

US$0.0008 x 1.21 x 10000 shares = S$9.60

Total dividends received from FSL for Q2FY11 = S$(105.20 + 9.60) = S$114.80

Date payable will be on 26 August 2011.

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