Dec 9, 2010

First Reit Rights Subscription

Finally, the long awaited moment has arrived !!

Today is the second day opening for First Reit rights subscription via ATM. I proceeded to subscribe my 5000 rights as per planned.  On top of that, I am trying my luck for an additional 5000 excess rights, hope I can be lucky to get at least 1000 shares out of it.  Looking forward to the right subscription announcement day !!  :=)


  1. good luck with your rights application =)
    b.t.w, how is the rights price?

  2. Hi 风隐, thank you =)

    The rights price is as per determined @ S$0.50 per rights subscribed. Are you interested to get some too ?

  3. Hi,

    Seeing that the price has stabilised, I entered at $0.675

    We are finally on the same boat.


  4. D.W., welcome to the community !! :=)