Dec 31, 2010

First Reit Rights Subscription - Result is out

I just checked my CDP for the First Reit rights subscription result.  It turns out to be a pleasant surprise !!

Before the result was out, there was news released about the almost full subscription for this rights excercise and I did not have much hope to get any excess allocation to me. However, I am lucky to get it afterall. Hence, below is the summary on the total First Reit shares I am now holding :

Open market purchase : 4000 shares (4 lots)

Entitled shares through rights subscription : 5000 shares (5 lots)

Additional shares obtained through excess rights subscription : 1000 shares (1 lot)

Total First Reit shares bought : 10000 shares (10 lots)

A happy ending for investment year 2010 indeed !!   :=)

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