Nov 30, 2010

Dividends for Q310 - Final

Ok, I finally received my PST dividend and it is just 1 cent off my calculation of S$108. With that, my final dividends received for Q310 is as calculated before :

S$(108 + 123 + 100 + 111) / 3 = S$147

I am very eagerly looking forward to 4Q10 dividends now !!   :=)


  1. Hi Passive Returns,

    I think you can achieve $200 per month very soon.

    I am also waiting for big dividends from SPH and Starhub :)

    Dividends Warrior

  2. Hi D.W.

    I hope so !! :=)

    I think yours are also pretty good, especially your S$500 Starhub mouth-watering dividend, it makes me to want to own some too.