Oct 30, 2010

Dividends for Q310 - Part 2

With AimsAmpReit released its latest financial report, I re-calculate average monthly income to be :

S$(108 + 123 + 100 + 111) / 3 = S$147

When the foreign exchange rate is finalised by FSL & PST, I will update the final figure for my average monthly income in Part 3.


  1. Hi Passive Investor,

    Your target of $3000 monthly dividend income is huge! What is the timeline you set to achieve this?

    For me, I am planning to achieve $500 monthly dividends by 2013. lol

    My target is really small compared to yours.

  2. Hi Dividends Warrior, welcome to my little investment space !! :=)

    Yes, I think this is an ambitious goal and I do not have a timeline to achieve it. However, I do believe when one gets his first pot of gold, it is much easier to reach for his second, third and more pots of gold. Hence, I believe when I reach a S$500 monthly dividend income, it is much easier to reach a S$1000 monthly income than, say, when I am still at my 1Q10 of S$36/mth dividend income.

    It is not an easy task but I believe we can do it !! Keep in contact ... :=)

  3. Yup. I agree with the pot of gold analogy.

    Hope we can earn our first pot of gold asap :)

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