Oct 28, 2010

FSL - 3QFY10 DPU result

Like PST, the dividend is out and is at US$0.0095 per share. Since it is also given out in US dollar, I am making the same temporary assumption that USD/SGD exchange rate to be at 1.3.  Hence, my dividend for this stock for this quarter will be :

US$0.0095 x 1.3 x 10000 shares = S$123

Looking forward to the payout day !!

Update on 24 Nov 2010

FSL has finalised the USD/SGD exchange rate to be at 1.2962. So, the finalised dividend I shall receive from FSL will be :

US$0.0095 x 1.2962 x 10000 shares = S$123.13


  1. btw how much is your average purchase price for this?

    best regards,

    Investment Moats.com

  2. Hi Drizzt, it was my luck (or being unlucky) that I bought it just days before the news of defaulting lease of their vessels by one of their clients was announced, and hence after I have got my shares, it suffered from a massive plunge in price.

    I got my 10 lots of this share @ S$0.575. Hence, technically speaking and in terms of capital consideration, it is still under water. :=)

  3. no probs there. we all been in those situations. i do understand that.

  4. Hi, just happened to read your blog here... My FSL Trust also suffer big paper loss. It is good time to buy at the current price, yield still have 11%. :)

  5. Hi Anonymous friend, welcome to my blog :=)

    Sorry to hear about your losses in FSL, it seems we suffer the same fate here. Nevertheless, I accept it as a part and parcel of investing. And because I am in for its dividends, so I am not too concern about the capital losses, as long as FSL does not go burst, or stop giving out dividends, I am fine with the temporary setback.

    I am currently not going to be vested more in PST or FSL for two reasons :

    1. USD has declined against SGD too sharply recently, so I will want adopt a wait-and-see attitude before any further purchases.

    2. Currently, I intend to channel some of my limited capital into reits, so I may not have enough cash left to buy more shipping trusts.

    Lastly, please feel free to visit this blog again to exchange investing ideas.

    Cheers and all the best to you. :=)

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