May 7, 2011

Dividends for 1Q11

With all the dividend announcements have been made, I did a calculation for my latest average monthly dividend achievement for this quarter:

S$(99.50 + 116.85 + 107 + 158 + 71.40) / quarter
=  S$552.75 / 3 months
=  S$184/mth

Although it is about S$2 less than the previous Average Monthly Dividend Achievement (AMDA), I consider my stock portfolio is pretty stable in delivering constant monthly income for me. I think in order to grow and bring my AMDA to next higher level, I will need to re-deploy my two-quarter dividends with new purchases (I have not been buying any stock in the last two quarters). I will update my blog when such opportunity comes.  :=)


  1. Hi fren,

    Nice to see u posting again.

    Just a suggestion.
    Since u have been saving up for the past 2 quarters, why dun you consider adding some high-yielding blue chips to your portfolio?

    Take care ^^

  2. D.W. thank you for your suggestion. I will be glad if you can name some good ones to me. :=)