May 7, 2011

AimsAmpsReit Q4FY11 result release

AimsAmpsReit had had an advanced distribution for Q4FY11 as at 31st Mar 2011. The reason for doing this is because it is for the fairness for the currect unit holders who will be affected by a private placement in the last quarter.

Moving forward, I intend to ignore this advanced distribution in my calculation for my average monthly dividend income for 1Q11 dividend achievement. The main reason for this decision is because subsequent distribution by this reit will be based on the new total number of units issued after the private placement.

In this new quarter, the distribution is S$0.00255. With 28000 shares (28 lots) on hand, the total dividend I shall receive from this reit will be:

28000 units x S$0.00255 = S$71.40

The payable date will be on 8 June 2011.

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