Sep 12, 2010

I have a dream

A dream that I always have.

Yes, you guess it right, it's being financially free. Being able to enjoy what life hands to us, but yet do not have to worry over the bread & butter issues. Imagine, for one moment, I can be gone fishing, or choose to travel wherever and whenever I prefer, without the concern for and bogged down by work commitments. Or, I am able to extend a lending hand to social work and help out those that are in need, probably financially. With financial freedom, I can do much more !!

But how to do it, you may wonder ?

Here's what I plan to do to achieve this goal in my life :
  1. Have a budgeted plan on my income earned through my salaried job(s)
  2. Regulate my expense and spending to the least possible
  3. Save as much as possible
  4. Channel a part of my savings into stocks that provide dividends regularly
  5. Re-invest all the received dividends back into Dividend Stocks
  6. Repeat Step 1 - 5
  7. Invest in physical gold whenever I have spare cash
  8. Invest in real estate whenever I have enough cash
For now, I am doing Step 1 - 5, and hopefully it'll snowball fast and big enough for me to carry out Step 7 & 8. I have detailed my current stock holdings and average monthly dividend income goal on the right-hand side of this blog.

I will update any new purchase and add it into my stock portfolio. I will also aim to increase my monthly dividend income, at least on a per quarter basis.


  1. Hi income investor,

    Great plan you have! It's always good to have a concrete plan in this journey. All the best!


  2. Hi FFN, I'm glad by your encouragement and wishes. Hope our path to financial freedom is an enjoyable and rewarding one. My best wishes to you too !!

    income investor

  3. Hi Income Investor mate,

    Although this is a long-time post, this is still an inspiration to me - Credit Repair. It is of an interesting journey of yours and really an amazing endeavor.

    However, I'll be rooting for you due to the fact that your objectives are clear as well as being very assertive. Do let me listen to more of your opinions so as to attain personal enlightenment.

    Do share with me on your latest purchases too.